Nice is definitely a place unique in the world as is all of the South of France. You are definitely not in a sandy version of Florida or the Caribbean. There is a style and fashionable quality here that is inclusive to all that bathes in the Mediterranean sun. My DSC04229highlight of this place is a simple one … smiles. IMG_0161Yes with all the glorious hotels and the wonderful restaurants an additional highlight … there is still an unmistakable smile that comes from the people of Nice that says “welcome”. It is noticeable on the streets at night and especially as you walk along the Promenade des Anglais. The French citizen can throw around a bit of bravado and occasionally a bit of attitude as well, however if you take that in good stride and not too seriously, there is always a smile underneath. The Nicoise know how good it is here and are happy to be sharing it.

IMG_0154I was struck with the Architecture of Nice and the very old cobble streets winding around the old Quarter. The old Quarter of this city is incredibly vibrant and hours can be spent sitting in a cafe and people watching. The warm sun in the evening would also cast a supernatural glow on the old buildings around you.



August is a fantastic time to visit this part of the world as so many tourists are here for the sun and culture as well as many A-List celebrities. Madonna was celebrating her Birthday in Villafranche (the neighbouring town). I was amazed at how many people were roaming the street late at night. I felt safe during the day and the evening however after 12:00 midnight I was told to keep alert and be more vigilant. That rule generally applies all over the world to be honest.

DSC04244The slideshow below represents the best of Nice day or night!

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