DSC04403Cannes is a place where the fantasy of being a star really can come true. Well at least for a day and for a pretty heafty price. Being in the South of France … a journey to Cannes must be done. As this trip was a special occasion I chose the VIP section at Baoli Beach which is frequented by the likes of Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. DSC04399No celebs were in view today but I did get an interesting picture of a woman by the beach holding her tiny purse and looking as though she just came off a mega yaht.



The day was perfect and I sunk into a very luxurious lounger on a private deck overlooking the beaches of Cannes. Baoli Beach is actually extraordinary in terms of service and quality. My most favourite part of the experience was the staff. Absolutely perfect. Always at the ready to come along and provide a nice champagne cocktail or fresh salad. I should mention that the large icy glass of champagne will run you 26 euros. Baoli beach is not a place for the light wallet.

DSC04377Cannes is great and I did enjoy it , however after a while a common guy like me gets a little overwhelmed with all the designer stores across from the beach. Not sure how necessary it is to see so much money on display right at the beach. after a while you just want to be back in Nice and walking along the Promenade des Anglais.

The yachts at the pier were a sight to behold. this is another universe of wealth. amazing to see the larger yachts out at sea and a little helicopter poised on the top of the deck.


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The Beach is busy as always along the promenade. of course there is no charge to be on the public beaches so the next time I am in France I will also take a day out in Cannes and enjoy the beach as a local.