I had been repeatedly told that this little village high on top of a hill was a must visit place in the Cote D’azure. Celebrities choose this place for its idyllic location and privacy DSC04201as well as the charm of a town that has skipped time. A short bus ride from Nice is all it took to get to this gem. Once dropped off at the bus stop in Eze village its a short walk uphill into history. I timed my visit for early afternoon and surprisingly was alone in the little cobbled streets winding through the that had been worn from decades of wind and rain.

The most important thing for any traveller to Eze is to simply take your time and enjoy the walk around. take time in the little boutiques and marvel that this is all for real and not a Hollywood set. its easy to think you are in the movies and that Clarke Gable will walk past any moment.


I wonder why it seemed so quite and private the day I visited. It may be that this little village is just not a major stop on most tourists lists. The trains and buses heading to Monte Carlo and Monaco were always full to capacity.The bus here was not full at all. I will comment later about Eze Sur la Mer which is a completely different area and effectively the beach. That required a different trip for me.