steps from the flat

I have rented a small apartment in the old quarter of Nice in the Cote D’azure. I felt that the best way to experience the south of france would be to live as a local instead of sitting in a small hotel room away from all the action. 24 Jean Jaures is a stunning little apartment with all the modern conveniences imaginable to make your stay perfect. The best part of the place is the location as moments out the door and you are in the middle of the old city surrounded by shops and restaurants hidden down ancient alleys and walkways. My stay here was flawless and in the evening after a fantastic hydotherapy shower in the bathroom … I would watch a bit of TV and pop a bottle of champagne..

The French Riviera is the best place to have a glass of champagne as you have the cool bubbles passing your lips while you gaze at an impossibly coloured neon blue sea. It is wise to find a small wine store and shop for a more local and obscure brand of champagne. Something not normally found in your home country.


In France there are many family owned champagne houses that produce the most exquisite and distict flavours. Sometimes you will find a stunning bottle that is as good as Krug or Dom Perignon for only $50 US.

Contact Chris Edwards on christopher.edwards@fpictet.com for info on renting this apartment.