DSC04053One of the greatest cities in the world and a place with energy and vibrancy that is uniquely its own. I still prefer London to New York as I find this city to be much busier and the architecture really stunning. Everywhere was within walking distance especially my favourite area around New Bond street.

I have been told that this year London is having a spectacular summer and the temperature has been quite high. For my day out there were a few bubbly clouds and plenty of sunshine. My first stop was the great old department store “Fortnum and Masons”. The service here is excellent and harks back to a bygone era before chain DSC03986stores existed. In the culinary department, I purchased a book for my best friend Chris, in the mens clothing department and some socks for myself. The store was very busy with locals and international tourists. The troubling economic times in England are not too visible in central London at this time of year as we are in the peak season for international visitors.

The City of London is remarkably easy to navigate through and you will find that within a few hours you will have seen all the major spots on foot. The below slideshow is a highlight of pictures taken while walking for two hours in the central core of London.

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