DSC04040Below the main hotel common areas there is a secret world which is open 24 hours for gaming. There is a requirement to join a membership to gamble, however if you are a hotel guest you do not have to join any memberships to enjoy the fantastic dining area or the bar. This is simply a place to be seen to be believed. The area is incredibly ornate and private. The cocktails that were mixed for my friends and I were immaculate. On the menu was a “Vesper” Martini. Very appropriate to be drinking a concoction straight from a James Bond film in a place like this.


I did not dine in this underground section however I had an opportunity to take a few pictures of the dining section and the bar as it was very quiet. The time was roughly 4:00pm and there was only one guest tucked away in a corner so I ensured not to disturb anyone.


The casino dining area

The Dining area had a decent menu which included such standards as Beluga Caviar as well as fresh seafood. The champagne on offer was simply the best the world can produce.


The sense of this place was a French palace and Louise XIV would be appearing any moment behind a secret wall.


I would recommend that if you have the time and are so inclined to get away from the upper areas of the Ritz Hotel, That a visit to his section of the grounds be at the top of your list. (remember you need to be a guest or join as a member of the club). The staff in this section of the hotel were stunningly beautiful and served with impeccable standards.