Day Thirteen


View from my table at lunch (Burrowing Owl Winery)

My heart nearly leapt from my chest as I approached the city skyline. What a historic day. The sun was out very early this morning in the Okanagan Valley. The plan was to enjoy the pool and then head to a very popular and award winning winery named “The Burrowing Owl”. Save the best for last they always say and in my opinion this winery was the very best. DSC03809The restaurant prepared a duck confit which was exquisite, I dined while overlooking the the dry desert region. You would think you were in Australia with the intense sunshine.

After lunch and a few wine tastings, there was a five hour drive to Vancouver through the mountains. It is poetic to arrive in Vancouver, after crossing the nation, on the Canada Day holiday weekend. To drive across this vast land is to truley connect with Canada and its people. I am now feeling like a really strong and proud Canadian. True, Strong and Free!


Crossing paths with the wildlife today

A highlight today was when a deer decided to cross directly in front of my car deep in the remote forests of British Columbia. I have seen many warnings regarding wildlife on the road. In the mornings you would often see the sad sight of a dead deer on the shoulder of the highway. It is incredibly important to heed the signage and warnings. I was at the right speed to slow down and stop to let a deer cross the road. He sauntered across my path as if I was an insignificant part of his day. I gasped at his grace and beauty and was quickly reminded who really owns the road.


I have checked into my favourite hotel in Vancouver “The Sutton Place Hotel” to relax in the bar (by the fire) and to enjoy some room service after such a long drive home. It is always important to mark important occasions with a little celebration. One glass of champagne in the bar with a piano in the background playing “wish upon a star” … was a perfect moment this evening. I have been upgraded to a suite overlooking the city and the staff have bent over backwards to make me feel welcome.

The view from my room

The view from my room


burrowing Owl Hotel

burrowing Owl Hotel


The final route to Vancouver