Day Seven


Photographed today with a Sony Cybershot camera


The colours today were miraculous. Finally I reached the mountains after a long drive across the Prairies. Near to Lethbridge is the Waterton Lakes National Park. The weather was perfect and due to a lack of humidity the blue and green colours really popped around me. As an amateur photographer it was difficult to mess up pictures today.

There was a long trek up one of the mountains and the real thrill was at the top with sweeping views of the surrounding areas and town. Hiking is one of the primary reasons I have wanted to come out west. There are phenomenal trails all over the world and many of my favourites are in New Zealand. Today I believe I saw scenery that topped New Zealand. That is of course my opinion, but as you see in the below slideshow the scenery was postcard perfect.

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Highlights of Waterton Lakes Provincial Park, all photographed today on my SLR camera

DSC03156Lunch was at a quirky hotel that stood alone near the lake called “The Prince of Wales”. High Tea was on offer overlooking the lakes and mountains. The young lady taking care of me was a wonderful British Lass all dressed up in a Tartan. We commented together on the interesting combo of a British accent, a Scottish Tartan, a Canadian background, in a place called the Prince of Wales with high tea … all rolled into one package. Her name was McKinley and she had just arrived in Canada a few weeks ago. Looked to me like she had settled quite well in the mountains. Oh BTW high tea was pretty good at $30 per person (especially considering he view)


The Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lakes Park

Is that Brokeback mountain?

Is that Brokeback mountain?