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The situation in Alberta is actually quite serious and feel bad for all the people that are trapped and in danger in flooded areas. Parts of the Highway 1 are washed away completely and the town of Canmore and Banff are actually cut off from Canada. As of this morning over 1000 military have been deployed and en-route to Calgary and the Canmore areas to assist the crisis. I may see them on the road today.

I am incredibly fortunate as I am here in Swift Current and have many options to get to Vancouver. Sat Nav shows that another southern highway will be a good alternative although it may be a longer trip. Had I moved across the nation a little faster I would have easily been in Canmore at this moment and trapped! I always planned to spend 4 or 5 nights in Banff. Trust me I am counting my blessings as I would be somewhat disappointed to see my car float away.

This morning in the hotel lobby a few other people were commiserating on how they would get to Vancouver. There are many of us crossing the nation along with Truck drivers and service personnel. The adventure continues.

New route planned

New route planned … close to US border