Day six

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Lethbridge is in a state of emergency and the old man river has risen to a dangerous level. Surrounding me in the lobby I hear conversations in the background of a family who lost all their possessions, a $400,000 house destroyed, Calgary shut down and conversations of a hail storm a few days ago that actually destroyed cars. I am incredibly lucky to have got to this point with no stress. This morning the drive through Saskatchewan was gorgeous and clear. However now in Lethbridge the rain has hammered down along with hail storms and lightening. Western Canada is in some kind of weather armageddon. Crow’s Nest Pass on Highway 3 which is the only real alternative route into BC instead of Highway 1, is now experiencing a crisis as well. I saw a sign in town that pointed to the USA. I believe that heading South to America may be my only best option to get away from this disaster.


My favourite picture today taken near the Alberta border

Current position Lethbridge, Alberta

Current position Lethbridge, Alberta