Day five

I passed several powerful storms today. Now late in my Hotel I have discovered that my target destination for tomorrow (Canmore) is flooded. Part of the TransCanada Highway has been damaged and is closed.

I have some potentially big problems getting across to BC now. Sat Nav says that I would be in the Canmore and Banff area in 6 hours from my present location. The plan was to head to Canmore and enjoy The rockies however we are in a state of emergency in those areas. Now what?? Funny I am in a town called Swift Current … and the Highway is washed away ahead of me in canmore!

Below are some highlights of my day. No idea what tomorrow will bring now.

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DSC02927One of the great pleasures of a cross country road trip is the food. the restaurants along the way are unique and some are institutions with regular truck drivers. For those that make a living on the road food is very important and freshness of ingredients and variety of dishes is essential. Today breakfast was outside of Winnipeg in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. I selected a Texas breakfast skillet. The dish was described as taco spiced ground beef over hash browns and eggs with cheddar cheese accompanied with salsa and sour cream. While I dined there was country music playing the background. I could have been in Smallville and watched Clark Kent walk in. What a morning.


DSC02953Today I have viewed birds flying overhead in formation and rabbits hopping along the road. Strange to see black birds choosing to J-walk a highway rather than fly across it. I have seen this phenomena many times. Way ahead on the road a large bird just slowly walking across like a casual pedestrian and acting like it’s at a traffic light. They seem oblivious to the car until the last second. A few times I have honked to get the little rascal off the road in front of me. I am certain that as it moved away (still walking) it gave me an attitude.

The terrain in Manitoba and Saskatchewan is relatively flat but there are plenty of trees lining the highway. The sky was overcast this morning, which was great on the eyes. For once I did not need my sunglasses. Life on the road is interesting because of the literal “life” on the road. I have seen countless butterflies whoosh past my car. Yesterday I saw a large turtle crossing the highway and I veered quickly (and safely) missing it. Looking at my rearview mirror I screamed “NO” as a large rig and its wheels went straight over the poor thing. Now that actually made me really sad. So there is plenty of life on the road and a great deal of death as well. I have been warned by many other travellers and signs on the road to watch out for moose and deer. The best thing to do is get off the road near sunset to avoid a collision with a large animal. I saw a large deer lifeless on side lane this morning.

Current position the town of  "Swift Current"

Current position the town of “Swift Current”