Day Four

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The change from Ontario to Manitoba is quite major. There are trees everywhere in Ontario and a great deal of rocky hills. Almost the second you are in Manitoba everything goes flat. There were a few times in the day you could find yourself completely alone on the road. Cruise control is set at 97km an hour in a 90 limit zone and people pass you in packs of five or six cars and then there is nothing around you for a great deal of time. It is disconcerting to see truck drivers speeding along and passing vehicles so aggressively. If any readers are wondering, I have a dashboard mount for my camera so I am taking pictures safely while driving. I have decided that cruise control is the best way to do a long run like this. I have also placed a window cleaner and a decent cloth in the glove compartment of the car. When taking a break it only takes a few minutes to clean the windshield of all the splatted bugs. Oh there are many bugs that have unfortunately had their demise on the front of my car.


Is this a real moose … I wonder?

Current position Winnipeg

Current position Winnipeg