Day Three

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Canada is extraordinarily big. When looking at the Sat Nav map progress, hours go by with hardly any noticeable movement. Satellite radio is an incredible gift as you can listen to the comedy channel and hear stand up acts while on cruise control. many times you will find yourself in tears at the jokes being broadcast and then before you know it … time starts to fly by. The distances don’t actually bother me. If you are lucky as I have been, you will find yourself laughing all the way across Canada. Not a bad way to move through the provinces. After five more hours of driving today I thought “ok enough”. I just could not manage to do a full eight hours all the way to Winnipeg. I have done a great deal of travelling already and progress is good. NO RUSH. Rushing can cause extreme fatigue or worse an accident.


Thunder Bay

I noticed, at a few of my breaks today, that my body was a little sore from all the sitting in the car. I arrived at a tiny town called Dryden with a population of 8000 people. Checked into a Holiday Inn Express with a small pool and steam room. Got a few beers at the Liquor Store and now I am in my room in a little paradise of relaxation. The simplest things make for the best experiences.

Current position

Current position