Bill waving goodbye on departure

The B&B experience in North Western Ontario can be a fantastic way to spend the night. At this particular stop in Thunder Bay, I was treated as though I was a close relative by Bill and Mary. The room was very comfortable with plenty of light and a large bathroom. There is not a sound in the evening as the property spans hundreds of acres and no neighbours can be seen let alone heard. I slept like a stone.

The real treat came at breakfast with a fresh fruit presentation, excellent coffee and a stunning french toast freshly prepared with a whipped cream-cheese filling … accompanied with lashings of pure maple syrup and I was in breakfast heaven.

The presentation and execution of this dish rivalled the five star hotels I have stayed in all over the world. The Four seasons would have been impressed with this breakfast. Every bite melted in my mouth and did not once make me feel stuffed or heavy. It was a perfect start to my day in North Western Ontario.

Canada is not a country solely represented by its cities. It is a country that is really represented by the people in between those cities.