Day Two

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The strangest thing happened to me in a national park. I was driving along and suddenly  I saw a tremendous amount of smoke on the side of the road. I thought to myself “oh no … a car”?

As I drove closer I was amazed to see a tree burning wildly before me. It was incredible to witness it on fire and then slowly start to smolder.  A gentleman in a bright orange outfit appeared and told me that a power line just fell as I drove up and sparks caught the tree. The strangest timing! “don’t worry, people are coming” he said to me. I won’t read into this too much but what are the chances I timed a burning tree like that on a random road in Northern Ontario in the middle of a forest.


If there is a message in the experience I will make it a positive one … let the past burn and move on with your life! Onwards to Vancouver.

Note: As I drove off I noticed that the smoke billowed backwards covering the entire road and scenery from where I came.

The most moving point of the day was visiting the Terry Fox Memorial near Thunder Bay.


This was one of the most beautifully located memorials I have seen in the world. It had the backdrop of Lake Superior and the pained image of perseverance and commitment was etched onto the face of the statue. There was no one around and in my solitude with this magnificent figure my thoughts fell silent. He never gave up on his challenge to the last breath. He was a true Canadian hero.

My current position this evening in Thunder Bay