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Toronto To Dubai

There is simply no other environment on any aircraft in the world that can compare with the A380 Emirates Onboard Lounge (except the new “Residence by Etihad”). A complete haven of space and luxury with a sense of exclusivity and personalised service. A few times I had to pinch myself to believe that I was actually at 35000 feet. Emirates has spent a great deal of money in creating this space and when looking around, I figured another 10 business class seats could fit in the area if the airline wished it. However Emirates has chosen to give both First and Business Class passengers an experience that rivals the glorious days of old first class travel when the act of flying was an experience to be remembered and cherished. DSC01368 copyDue to the timing of my flight out of Toronto all the passengers went to sleep after the dinner service. As I was heading to Bangkok I worked to stay up late a few days before my departure so that I could have a head start on the time zone change. For this reason I was up very late and had the lounge environment all to myself. I felt as though I was the president of the United States having a 26 person capacity bar available to me alone for so many hours.

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I was told by one member of the crew that the lounge area can be quite a party scene with flights out of Manchester and Aukland. A few times I listned to house music on my headphones and simulated a private club environment in my head. Soon after takeoff before everyone had dinner there was a small group in the lounge and we spoke of our destinations and our lives at home. About 15 minutes later a crew DSC01422member stood at the front of the TV monitor and announced “Ladies and Gentleman may I have your attention please? Dinner is served. please kindly take your seats”. It was a scene straight out of the Titanic however we were cruising at 35000 feet. I bid farewell to my new friends and gave wishes of a happy crossing over the world before sitting down for supper. that was the last I saw of them.

I should mention that I asked politely to view the bathrooms in the First Class section and was granted access for a short time as a special consideration. All the First Class passengers were sound asleep so I did not disturb them. The bathroom was complete with a shower and a sitting area. Its enormity was quite a surprise.

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