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The dining options available for business class passengers is actually the same as for first class passengers, however first class passengers may have additional items such as Caviar and Dom Perignon 2003 or a Single harvest Tawny port 1969 Douro. I know this little factoid as I looked at the first class menu to compare the services between cabins. The first class cabin also had a separate coffee menu which looked very good. Cafe laggero or Espresso Ristretto anyone?

UnknownThe selection of wines on offer for my business class flight was very impressive. The champagne was a Veuve Clicquot Gold Label 2004 Vintage Brut. This champagne was also readily available in the lounge area in the rear of the upper deck business cabin.

The port which I tried with a cheese course was a Graham’s 20 year old Tawny Douro Portugal. a very impressive finish on my palate.

For dinner I selected a veal carpaccio, a butternut carrot soup, and a red snapper fillet (which I had to send back) and re-ordered a Roast rack of Lamb.

DSC01416The Butternut Carrot soup was impressive in its taste and presentation and it did have a nice texture to it. However I was let down as the temperature was luke warm at best. I was on a full flight and the dinner service became a bit of a dissapointment as the staff were so late getting the meals out to everyone. The soup not being piping hot tainted the overall experience of this dish.

The Veal Carpaccio never arrived, which was a serious mistake by the crew. I asked what happened and was politely told that unfortunately they seemed to have run out of that item. I found it strange that I was not advised of this and had to ask “what happened”? This delayed the whole meal considerably and I was quite hungry at this point.

Then came the next let down which was the Red snapper fillet.


This dish again arrived luke warm and dry. I was so disappointed that I sent it straight back. I have had fish on board economy services with Emirates and it was better than this. Quite appalling for a business class meal.

At this point the cabin crew realised that they were really dropping the ball and the apologies came thick and fast.


I ordered the Roast Rack of Lamb and it turned things around as this dish was excellent. This was an Asian style roasted lamb with a ginger and soy jus which accented the tender portions of lamb in a divine way. The red pepper reduction gave the dish a rich tangy finish and I chose a beautiful glass of “The Paring Red 2009 California” to accompany the lamb. Overall the dish was a knock out and fit for a first class michelin star meal. It was served to me promptly and at the right temperature to make up for the mistakes on the earlier courses. I have to say that because the meal started late and luke warm it caused damage to the overall experience. But this is something that can always be recovered with a few glasses of champagne…

The cheese plate was good and the dessert I chose was the cranberry tart.

DSC01421The tart combined with the port was a perfect marriage.

The staff seemed to be barely coping at the rear of the business cabin with all the passengers onboard. The presentation however was always very good but obviously I would take flavour over presentation everytime.

I will comment that the variety of dishes on the business class menu rivalled the first class menus of other major carriers. Perhaps Emirates should reduce some of the choices on their service to ensure that meals can be presented in a timely fashion. I may have had bad luck on this particular flight with the crew possibly dealing with a catering error. Therefore all is forgiven. The rest of my flight was nothing short of spectacular.