The overall experience of flying home in British Airways FIRST was extraordinary. From the moment you check in to the moment you land there is a feeling you are special and a celebrity. Everyone around you is positioned to serve and care for your needs. Almost anything can be requested. Such as asking for some strawberries to go with your champagne in the Concorde room or requesting some olive oil to go with your fresh bread, instead of using butter, while at 35000 feet. This was a great and privileged experience and I am always thankful to have the opportunity to see the world in such comfort.

As I moved through the skies I began to consider what I have seen in my long travels around the world and what I have learned. I learned that we humans have much to do if we are to maintain a right to live on this planet. I learned that dreaming is good and that there is no limit to what those dreams can bring. I learned that hope and renewal is the real power in human beings and not money.

I learned that in life we are given a chance everyday to find peace, serenity and happiness and that it is our choice alone, whether we wish to grab that chance and run with it.

This will be my last entry for some months as I am now embarking on a new part of my life journey on a new continent. There will be great challenges and also great triumphs ahead and I can rest easy that I have been through these things before. Moving continents is also part of what makes 21st century travel so fantastic. It can be done with relative ease, speed and efficiency.  We are living in the age of science fiction and the sky is no longer the limit.

Oh yes that reminds me … I need to get a brochure on that whole space tourism thing …