My time in this great city is now finally over. I spent a few days walking familiar streets on my stop-over to Canada. I felt like rejoicing that I am leaving. There are very hard times in this place …  even with the Olympics coming I saw some londoners with scowls and frowns. Fortunately this was a small part of the population. I understand that it has rained consistently for weeks so this may be why the mood was negative.

The day I arrived it was sunny and I was told it was the best weather seen all month. Looks like I brought some sun over from Hong Kong.


Change is a very interesting thing. It can be terrifying in the unknown yet joyous in hope and renewal. I have experienced incredible changes all my life for as far back as I can remember. These great leaps into the unknown have shaped an incredibly privileged life that has been sustainable and prosperous. There are times when these changes can seem unbearable but to truly live is to explore those things about yourself that most cannot. Change allows for growth and further wisdom. Change can forge a courage that you did not know you had. I am now about to experience another great life shift as I always have. It is interesting that this next change will be ushered in with the roar of a 747 engine while I am seated in the front of the aircraft in First Class.

Below is a slideshow of London as I said farewell and good luck to a city that gave me a great deal in my life.

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