In my travels I was fortunate to experience the absolute apex of high-end luxury. Many times this luxury was just handed to me for no cost because I had a positive attitude and was polite and respectful to service staff all over the world. I spent thousands on my epic trip, yet could have spent many more thousands had it not been for all the free upgrades.  The circles I have moved in have involved wondrous wealth and individuals who generally do not have to think of money for an instant.

I can safely say there is a small portion of these individuals that are quite selfish and poisonous however I must stress they are not a majority. Some … not all … have misery and despair written on their faces that can only be pitied when all is said and done. Many times I witnessed rude behavior from these individuals to their fellow traveller and especially to other staff in hotels and airports. I finally get it … these unfortunate individuals who call themselves rich are actually desperately poor. What gives???

I am sure this is an issue that has existed since the beginning of time however in our modern world with access to so much information on the Internet, I believe that there is no more excuses for being ignorant and selfish to each other. There is no room for bullying and prejudice when we have so much to be thankful for.

I am not the only one that has noticed this behaviour. Many times I would encounter another passenger in a business class or first class lounge and we would agree that some of our fellow passengers have lost their way.

Wealth really is an attitude as much as it is a thing in your wallet. I can safely say that wealth is 90% attitude. An attitude towards being thankful and generous for what you have been given. Perhaps that is why a degree of wealth fly’s toward me. There is the right attitude and the right use of the money that I have.

Some of the richest men and women I have encountered in my travels think this same way and have a perpetual smile on their faces. They were the individuals with true wealth. Funny that the poorest (in wallet) people I have met also think this way and also have perpetual smiles on their faces. They also had true wealth.

Being rich is a state of mind.