I’m sitting quietly in the arrivals lounge in Terminal 5 sipping a nice cup of coffee. Just had a shower and massage and feel really good after the Hong Kong flight. Suddenly a flourish of trumpets and drums erupts from below me. Everyone in the lounge looks in my direction as I am sitting by the window. When I lift the curtain and view the arrivals area … red suits and large black hats in formation is what greets me.

The Royal Irish Guard is marching up and down the arrivals hall!
Everyone has a massive smile around me. the guardsmen have been playing non stop for about half an hour and it is truly surreal. I have to say that when I headed down to get up close and personal a little tear welled up. I have arrived in England with a Royal Salute before my departure to Toronto in a few days. It is like fate wants to tell me something. Well I might as well finally accept what we have always known. I am a prince and it is appropriate that my subjects welcome me with the right level of formalities.
Seriously … I have arrived from Hong Kong with a Royal marching band’s welcome … incredible.

My ride after arrival Heathrow