My poolside sitting area this afternoon

I have enjoyed the environment of my hotel and must proclaim it is the height of 21st century luxury and style. As I write this entry I am sitting in the “Ozone” bar which is considered the highest rooftop bar in the world.

The Ozone bar tonight

I am on the 118th floor with the world below me and soaking in the atmosphere, as it is my last night in Hong Kong. In 24 Hours I will be sitting at a another bar somewhere over China at 35000 feet (well the bar will be my flat-bed seat and some champagne).

The moving digital display over the pool was something out of a science fiction novel. LED images of fish and clouds would move through the ceiling as you swam. Outside the hot tub gives you sweeping views of the city and clouds. Clouds actually skimmed the rooftop today and at times I could reach and touch them. Heaven really does exist on this planet. Unfortunately so does hell … and I have seen both examples.

Ritz Pool area

This afternoon after my swim I walked around the “Elements” shopping area and browsed Cartier, Hermes, Ferragamo, D&G as well as Dunhill. Nope did not spend thousands on an outfit … just looking … really.

Typhoon Warning (Tropical storm Talin)

I went outside on the roof terrace (just now) before they close it. the weather is getting severe. The wind nearly knocked my drink out of my hand. The staff are now advising we stay inside as their is a ¬†possibility of a major storm tonight. That could be interesting for tomorrow night’s departure to London.

Dinner tonight was a king prawn tempura starter, accompanied with an apple martini. This was followed by a Wagyu beef burger accompanied with a Red wine, Malbec argentina. I’m Tapping away on my macbook for this blog enrty and people watching.

Oh I almost forgot that the washroom was covered in Italian white marble and the sink was next to the window overlooking the Hong Kong Skyline.

A heavenly spot to wash your hands


I have never been to a bathroom that needed special mention before. Washing your hands over an italian marble washbasin with a major city just to your right at 118 floors … and the moment in your mind burned forever, as you are literally on top of he world!

The slideshow below is my day on top of this world.

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