Ritz Carlton Hong Kong entrance area

Funny how the end of an adventure cannot be predicted no matter how much planning is involved. I am back by the pool with the city skyline below me at the Ritz Carlton. I am alone as no other guests are here at the moment. The staff are discreetly away in their little corners on standby should I need anything.

I feel a little sad that this journey is coming to an end. I am also feeling grateful for the beautiful people I have met and loved. I also feel a little sorrow for the selfishness and greed I have witnessed from some other western travellers in asia. Living in this part of the world has shown me that balance in life is the key to happiness and prosperity. I have also seen an incredible work ethic here. I understand now more than ever why a shift in wealth has been rising in Asia. These people are truly hungry for success and their attitude is one of rising to meet other successful people at the top. In some parts of western culture the attitude is one of pulling people down rather than rising up to meet them. It is my opinion of course but I speak with some experience.

My flight departs for London at 11:00pm and it appears the weather is going to be fine. A typhoon warning is still in place but the storm is far away at the moment and it looks like it will miss us.

The plan for today is to enjoy my hotel. Head to the Mira hotel for supper as it has a fantastic michelin star restaurant. I am dressed for a business class flight with a decent shirt and a jacket. Want to look good for the lounges. I also enjoy feeling refined when flying, to evoke the history of the golden age of first class travel.