Ritz View

Alas … my epic adventure through the world is coming to an end as I make the long trip to Toronto in a few days via London. The first leg will be in international business class with British Airways. The second leg will be in international first class on British airways.

I have walked around with quite a bit of confidence these past few days and I have also started to purge the last poison of my experiences in England over 13 years. Of course most of my time in London was amazing and perfect as well as my people experiences. However lately, there has been a true mood of anger and fear in its people. I even saw this occasionally exported on cruise ships and hotel environments. At one point I had a British lady decide she wanted to “wind me up” for being too happy. She got drunk one day and proceeded to physically push me around. I did not retaliate … I took the blows as I always have. Other passengers onboard took care of her for me … from what I understand. I feel sorrow and pity for those that are European and have resorted to anger and hate in the global financial crisis. I can only say that I wish them well and great hope for their future. Nowhere in the world is perfect however as an Indian male who has lived in England … I thank God I am leaving and I will not look back with resentment anymore.

These next few days will be a celebration of Luxury. First by enjoying the environment of the Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong and then of course the luxuries in modern first class air travel. All that I have seen and accomplished I have done unaided by family or friends in terms of financial support. This makes the champagne taste a bit sweeter and my luxurious environments feel more special. 

I am self made and a product of my decisions. Karma has shown me that to rise and forgive evil, is to see the true path to happiness and peace. Karma has brought me to the front of aircraft and to top of hotel suites.

I forgive all the hate, the jealousy, the anger and the violence against me from some of my British brothers and sisters.

The blog entries that will follow in the coming days will be a reflection of our planet’s great treats of luxury and wealth. Keep in mind it is the “wealth of spirit” and the “wealth of wallet” … which brings these luxurious treasures to our lives.

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong pool environment