48 hours ago I was in the northern reaches of Burma and was walking down a road quite thirsty from the heat. There were no convenience stores anywhere and no supermarkets, not even a selection of small food stalls and snack sellers. There was one single portable vendor who was selling some water and cooking something I could not distinguish. This was effectively the only real option for miles.

Burma option for a bottle of water

One day later I find myself walking down another road in another place and also thirsty from the heat. The option available to me was a “Dean and Deluca”. This shiny store with clear glass windows prepared a new york style soda for me as well as a smoked salmon salad to go.

Bangkok option for a bottle of water

As I walked out it hit me how completely imbalanced my experiences were in a short space. The people of Burma really have nothing outside Yangon. There are some options for food and lodging but when compared to Bangkok you might think that Burma was actually in the stone age. I exaggerate a little obviously. I suddenly found myself angry that the leaders of Burma were so monumentally stupid and ignorant to the point of being effectively base animal creatures of the earth. They have squandered a nations hopes and future and I think they will eventually pay dearly in the afterlife. Karma is a powerful thing and there is much bad Karma in the the people that ruined an entire nation.

Had things been different … the Burmese may not have been eating Smoked salmon from “Dean and Deluca” and I am not silly enough to say that all people in Thailand can afford to eat there either. I am merely pointing out that I am in another dimension from where I came. The Burmese would not believe what can be available if you really want it.

I am now in a city of lights and energy. A city with young people full hopes and dreams tapping away on their cell phones and shopping with their friends. I am in a place full of choice and opportunity. A place that is becoming a great power in all Asia.

Yet next door to this great pillar of modernity is a nation that is lost somewhere in our past and has only connected to the internet recently. As the people of Burma go online and look to see what is around their corner … I fear they will grow quite sad and quite angry at what was lost thanks to such human folly.