A domestic airline has recently started flying named Air KBZ. It is owned by a private company and the owner of this airline has a ruby mine in the north of Burma as well as a Bank. I was told that this is the best airline to fly domestically in Burma. The total round trip cost of the flight from Yangon to Bagan was $240 US.

The service was excellent and the seats comfortable. The flight took off on time and there was even a regular top up of mineral water and soft drinks. I was also served a small chicken filled croissant and a pretty good chocolate cake with a fresh cup of coffee. It was an all economy configuration however the front row of the aircraft had seats that were facing each other which provided great legroom. I had 4 seats all to myself, which made the flight quite comfortable.

The only downside was that this flight to Bagan had two stops. I took off and landed 3 times in total. The whole journey from wheels up in Yangon to wheels down in Bagan was 3 hours. Each stop fortunately only lasted 15 minutes and we did not have to leave the aircraft when sitting on the runway.

The uniforms for the crew were beautiful and their personalities were top notch. Their English was perfect.

There is one flight a day heading to Bagan and then back to Yangon. The tourism boom is just starting here so if demand picks up (which it will) there will be many more flights a day.

So far all the service and delivery of transportation and accommodation in this country has exceeded my expectations. I had far greater challenges in Katmandu Nepal. To be honest I never thought that Burma would be more efficient and more advanced in tourism than Nepal in terms of infrastructure.