The shopping in Bangkok is truly world class. They have opened new centers that are the height of luxury and style. Rivaling Hong Kong and New York for sure.  As I walked through one shopping center this afternoon I came across displays of vintage cars. For the car buff I have compiled a set of pictures to wet your appetite for the machines of old.

Tomorrow I will be in Burma and my experiences will most likely move from being in the 21st century to being in the early 20th century. This next trip will be very interesting. I will give the hotel staff in Burma some credit as they are responding quickly to my email requests and arranging things like flights and car transport prior to my arrival. I have also changed more currency into new US dollar notes so that I am not stuck without cash. Not having credit card machines or ATM’s will absolutely be a game changer in the travel experience. Usually you travel and pull out the credit card at restaurants or hotels. But in Burma think again! If you run out of money … you are simply stuffed.

This is a slide show for the car buff

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