Aung San Suu Kyi has just arrived in my current city of Bangkok! It is headlining on various news channels. This is actually quite a big deal considering what this magnficent lady has had to deal with and go through. She will be at the World Economic Forum and I think a great deal of the delagates and support staff for the event are nearby. Traffic around my hotel is in absolute gridlock. The last few days things have been quiet on the streets but just now everything was bumper to bumper. I am in an area where several dozen major hotel chains are located. “The lady” may even be staying nearby.

I called the hotel I am staying in Yangon, Myanmar today to get an airport pick up on Thursday. The lady in reception spoke perfect english. She had better english than here in Bangkok! I asked for some help on flights internally to Bagan and was told that they can make all the arrangements for me. Just send a copy of my passport and the Myanmar visa stamp. The hotel responded in a few hours and advised that they will get me some options by tomorrow morning. They do not accept credit cards and there are no ATM’s in Burma so I will need to have US dollars in cash to pay for everything. I have $750 US at the moment in brand new crisp bills and may get a few hundred more tomorrow to play it safe. The Hotels are very cheap and I have been told that food is only a few dollars a day. The US notes must be new and flat with no crease marks or they will not be accepted in some cases.

I have never visited a country that had no ATM’s before. Well except for Antarctica!