Myanmar Embassy Bangkok

I have a Visa for Burma in my hands! Getting the paperwork sorted at the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok was incredibly easy. I was in a cab heading to the embassy and reading  the “Bangkok post” newspaper. On the front of the international section was an article about Canadian protests in Montreal. When I read why these were happening I gasped. Question … is Canada becoming communist? To curb freedoms as they have in Montreal is appalling and smacks in the face of the principles Canada was founded on. Is my native and home county losing its way? I found it odd that I was heading to the embassy of a Junta government and was reading about the potential rise of a Junta idealism in Canada from some politicians. Too bold a thought? Freedom is often lost in a long drawn out period of erosion. I wonder if Canada has started to face a new wind that can erode our values quickly. I will soon see for myself.

back to the Burma (Myanmar) Visa …

All of the embassy staff had the biggest smiles on their faces and were incredibly welcoming and helpful. Perhaps its the buzz that Aung San Suu Kyi is days away from arriving here. I needed to get my Visa quickly because of my schedule, so the young man at the visa counter said “no problem” and fast tracked the process for me. He did not even ask to see my airline ticket for departure. The American in front of me was actually on the 4:30pm flight to Burma that same day. I could not believe that a visa could be arranged that fast. The gentlemen was told to come back at 12:00pm and collect his passport and visa so as not to miss his flight. I was in and out of the embassy in about 20 minutes. The staff are very efficient and they are very polite. I have to proclaim that they were more attentive and efficient than any other embassy I have visited to get a Visa.

Myanmar (Burma) is open for business.

Visa processing counters inside the Bangkok Visa Section