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This is a very lush and green place thanks to the recent rain and the volcanic soil. I just had a converstaion with the hotel owner about the energy of this island. My dreams have been wild to say the least and there just seems to be things happening around me that are special. Like butterflies swinging around little patches of grass as if they are enchanting the hillside. Crickets that jump on you and look at you with an inquisitive intelligence. Lizards and birds moving to a choreographed dance as the sun sets.

I was told that there are many active volcanos on the island of bali and that these volcanos bring magic and mysticism here. There are ancient spirits throughout the island and the energy is very special. If you can tune into that energy the island will show you wonders. I am going to take a page out of the book “eat, love, pray” and see a local village healer as well. Maybe get a fortune or some spiritual guidance. There are healers in every village in Bali so there should be no problem seeing one.

I will be in Bangkok in a few days. Then I need to get the Burmese Visa sorted. Just heard on the news that Aung San Suu Kyi will be in Bangkok on May 30th. I leave for Burma on May 31st. guess we are just passing eachother. She is my hero … maybe there will be a rally I can go to and see her speak.