Taneh Merah Bali

Peter Bloch is from eight generations of dentists that originated in Denmark. At 50 years old he effectively lost everything to a very expensive American divorce. He laughed and said to me “you think a divorce in California is something? Try having one in Florida”. He lost all of his investments and found himself back to square one. So a little over 18 years ago he began a small hotel called “The Tenah Merah Resort Bali”. There were only two bungalows initially. He also focused on his great hobby and passion of acquiring artifacts and ancient treasures of Indonesia. He had always enjoyed collecting pieces from around the world and he managed to maintain his contacts with dealers from everywhere. He went back to making money through his small hotel and a dentist practice here in Bali on the side. Hard work and perseverance prevailed and before me sat a man that still looked 50 years old not 70. He actually found a way to stop aging. He has 80 staff working for his guests as well as keeping him comfortable and well fed. His villa is private and overlooks a lush valley. He has the mind and the heart of a teenager and he is an inspiration in the concept of renewal.

Incredibly, his greatest achievement in my opinion is that he has opened a small museum on the grounds of his resort. It was completed last year and is furnished with priceless artifacts and treasures acquired from kings and royalty throughout the archipelago of Indonesia. When I saw the museum I audibly gasped in disbelief. It has rooms that easily rival the Smithsonian or the British Museum.

I was granted access to his private library and the Museum rooms for solitude and meditation uninterrupted for hours. I sat in the environment in absolute wonder and found more inspiration for my writing. There are statues carved of wood that are hundreds of years old. He has discovered and carefully displayed ancient Chinese ceramics. The tapestry’s and gold jewelry were worthy of the greatest museums in the world. This is a magical place hidden in a small resort in a remote village of Bali. Peter has also written a book on the Dane explorer Mads Lande who was a major influence among the islands over 200 years ago.

I looked at Peter and thought of how fortunate some of us can be, as we grow older and into our prime. Peter has welcomed me as family and I am forever grateful. I will endeavor to build a slideshow of his museum in a separate blog entry. For now I want to show the grounds of the paradise he has created which started with only two small villas and is now a sprawling dreamland of wonder.

He even has tropical birds that can talk. I looked at one inquisitively yesterday as it stated “hello”. Then it began to “meow” like a cat. Yes … I encountered a bird in Bali that can meow like a feline and I witnessed this without the assistance of narcotics.

In Peter Bloch’s world the narcotic is life itself.

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