Inspiration … true inspiration, in my humble opinion, comes with clarity of mind and spirit. Tonight is the last night in my apartment by the sea. I have been here for over 40 days and have managed to complete the vast majority of my book as well as write some poetry for the first time in my life. I am not sure if it is the meditation techiques I am employing or the simplicity of looking at the ocean most of the time during the day, but I can say that ideas have started to naturally flow into my mind without “force” or “work”. I am simply allowing a sense of peace to lull over me regardless of the challenges ahead or the challenges that scarred me from the past.

Today the sun dipped into the ocean and a thought came across my mind that I had never fully considered or given much importance. The essence of the thought was simple enough …

“All that I am … I created myself without handouts or charity. I am a man that despite my flaws and imperfections is actually perfect and in balance for the world that I live in. I am here for a purpose, as we all are, and should be proud to have the experiences and knowledge that universe has granted me. Now my purpose is to share these experiences and contribute in anyway I can to the greater part of our human good.”

Perhaps in our new age this kind of thought is the begining of an awakening. An awakening all of us must experience to move forward as a species. We have stark choices ahead in order to survive with our fellow man, whether economically or spiritually. If we fail then soon … changes will be forced upon us. Perhaps the world will be inherited by penguins and the nation of Antarctica.

Not a bad solution to the world’s future actually … penguins running things … lets face it they do “rock’. At times they appeared to be vastly superior to all of us in terms of temperament and poise.

They were bowing as the Japanese do in a respectful greeting when they walked past each-other. truly remarkable. No I was not in drugs … they really did this everywhere.