Normally everyone assumes that while you are on a holiday, or an extended break, you will gain quite a bit of extra weight. Not so. the great benefit of letting go of stress for a while is that you can learn about real health and weight loss. All you do is switch off the TV and do some reading. As you do your research you put ideas and advise on health related choices into practice and then really commit to sticking with them. It helps that I am in South East Asia because the food here is fresh and natural.

Every day for the last three months I have walked a minimum of one hour. I eat more fruit during the day and I have stopped ordering massive plates at dinner. I use the old rule “take twice as long to eat half as much”. In addition I have spent 15 minutes each day doing basic stretching exercises. All sugar in my diet has been removed so no more sugar with coffee and tea.

The result? I bought a new pair of jeans yesterday that were two sizes smaller than what I have been wearing for several years.

This is not a diet of just food it is also a diet of negative thoughts and negative input. There are relapses from time to time when I read a newspaper or catch a headline, but on the whole 90% of the negative crap I allowed into my life is cut out completely. Note that one relapse of negative crap was when I called a UK corporation and spoke to a “service” advisor who was effectively a moron. Diet for the mind is as important as diet for the body. Arguably this is the main reason my body is slimming as well.

Just after a long walk … oooh its hot here