I have received messages from friends in the UK telling me how miserable the weather has been. I have to admit this is one of the primary reasons I had to finally leave the UK.  the weather in Thailand has now changed and there is more rain in the day. It is actually wonderful. The rain comes in short intense bursts and then clears to sunshine. It can be quite inspiring. This afternoon as I walked along the beach the wind suddenly picked up out of nowhere. I could actually see the wall of rain moving slowly down the ocean towards the beach. A few people ran from their sun beds and rushed to gather their things. The wall of water was moving quicky. I jumped into a cab and went back to my apartment and witnessed a massive downpour. 

As I write this the sun has returned and is streaming through my living room. There is a little Buddha statue that has taken on a mistical aora in the sunlight.

I find the rain to be very soothing and cleansing. there is a great feeling of hope that comes when the rain stops and a glimmer of sun peaks through. What annoyed me about Western Europe was how things just stayed dull and grey all the time. I am afraid that this kind of weather colours personalities as well.

Many flee from Europe at this time of year and I see why. Thank goodness the average employment contract in England comes with 4 weeks holiday as a minimum. When I am working and living in Canada this will be a very different thing indeed. But I will be self employed and will take breaks as I need to. I look forward to the rain giving way to snow when in Toronto.

Writing from my bed