Aung San Suu Kyi 17 November 2011

I have just booked my flights and begun the process of attaining a visa for Burma. I believe the best option will be heading directly to the embassy in Bangkok and getting it done in person. the government of Burma sees the potential in travel and is attempting to launch an e-visa system that can be done in advance through the internet. The great thing about travelling today for extended periods is that you can be somewhat flexible and take a few risks along the way. “Fortune favours the brave”, so I shall have a look at the world of Burma as it is opening up in our new 21st Century travel reality. This blog may become a bit more interesting if I can get through a few hurdles and actually pass through immigration and see that nation.

The plan is going to have to be very loose and simple. I will leave all my possessions in storage at my hotel in Bangkok and pack very light with only a small carry-on backpack. I don’t want any major burdens at all. Just move around easily and settle where I see fit holding a good camera at all times. Yangon will be the starting point and then a journey to the north and the temples of Bagan. With any luck I may even visit Aung San Suu Kyi’s private residence which rumour says is free of barricades since her release. In the past you were not allowed near her residence.

I will update my blog as things progress in my plans. the real trick is just getting the visa. I will need to line up at the Burmese Embassy in Bangkok and attempt to have the necessary stamps applied to my passport. then the adventure will truly begin.

The alternative is that I lose my flight ticket and don’t go because of entry issues.