I spent the day today with a new friend who has relocated to Phuket permanently from England. He has been here for 8 Months already and had settled well. I also had lunch with the owner of the apartment I am renting here and he is German having lived in Phuket for 10 years. I have learned that there are approximately 100,000 expats in Phuket from all over the world. There are plans to build a convention centre and a super yacht marina.

There are some cracks in the way things have developed though. I was told that in the past some builders created “off-plan” offerings of new condo units where they had not even purchased the land they were intending to build on. there was also stories of places constructed to incredibly poor standards and then having to be torn down. Most of this bad stuff happenned after the Financial crisis unfolded and I have been told that the difficult things that happenned in the past are going to stay in the past.

Today I was told that the locals in Phuket have long spoke of the islands mystical powers. There is something in the energy of the island with the location of the seas and mountains. I was told that actually many Thai people believe that if you tune into the energy, creative and prosperous things occur naturally. I was amazed hearing this as I have completed almost 40 additional pages of a book I am writing in the last few weeks while being here. I have also had a stab at poetry. My new friend told me that I have probably tuned into the Islands energy and should really run with the inspiration that it is giving me. This could be “hocus pocus” or there could be truth to this energy.

Today I have decided that I may get a tattoo. there has ben a feeling in my heart that I am ready for a symbol of renewal and that there is something I want forever on my body to remind me of this turning point in my life. It may seem silly but I am entertaining the idea of getting a penguin on my righ shoulder. A small one that is simple black and white. It would forever be a reminder that I have reached the continent of Antarctica in my travels. That I have walked on every continent on earth.

I have never considered tattoos before but I have been told that they are special and should represent great meaning in your life.

It may be time for me to be branded the traveller to the land of penguins.