I read an article recently of the opposition across the board by the British public on the need for high speed rail within its country. A staggering portion of that nation do not want it, citing many excuses that are in my mind short sighted and not a reflection of the great British ingenuity and innovation that forged the last century.

We are now fully into the 21st century. Already the shocks and calamity that surfaced in our first decade has shown us that we must move forward quickly if we are to stay competitive. The world we live in moves at light speed. Change is inevitable and the future will be forged by the next great innovator country.

Arguably in our last century it was England and the United States that led the way for all. This Century there is still much to play for. And those nations that step up to the plate are going to make their mark not only in the 88 years to come but the millennium as well.