In our 21st century travel reality the ipod and various other mp3 music devices have revolutionised the access we have to our music. I look at old pics of my holidays a little over 10 years ago and see the massive CD portable disk player sitting somewhere in the frame of the shot. It was insane that we had to carry around our music in complete CD’s and then change them on our devices when wanting a new selection of music. To have access to hundreds of hours of your personal music library on a device that is no bigger than a credit card is beyond awesome when you place it in context of the last 20 years. Go back to the 70’s and you are in the realm of 8 track tapes. Now you can create a selection of your favourite tracks to suit your mood with a click of a button.

I have started to build a mix of music that will be played on my one way flight to Toronto where I will begin my Canadian relocation. On June 23rd I will have various tracks like “the journey home” by Sarah Brightman, “Fly” by Nicki Manage & Rihanna, as well as “coming home” by Diddy- Skylar Grey.

I can already see and feel the euphoria I will experience when I Board the aircraft and have this music rolling around in my head. The British airways First Class staff straightening their posture and jackets as they address me as Mr. Kainth when I walk onboard. The way I will feel like the President of the United States when being seated. And the calm that will cascade through me. the silence in the cabin that will be disturbed by a beautiful cabin attendant whispering “sir, your champagne”. Sitting and realising that a new life awaits thousands of miles from where I am.

The mix tape is not a tape. It is a theme track for my mood. It is an impossibly small device that hides in my pocket and will carry emotive messages prepared for my journey.

… I do have to turn it off when the engines start.