A peculiar thing happened yesterday. As I was sitting on the beach, alone and baking in 33C temperatures, I started to form words in my little head. Words that just expressed the feelings and senses that were alive around me. I managed to get some of them down and maybe they are an acceptable form of poetry.  Whether they are poems or not, they are representative of some of my memories and feelings which I have had around the world.

I thought of a specific creature. One that gave me a moment on the bow of a ship while alone and in solitude. A creature that visited me out of the vastness of our seas and gave me a moment that is still deep with in me.

In silence and peace,

It came from the deep,

With its gentle voice,

It presented me a choice,

Protect what you see,

Or I will cease to be.

… The Antarctic Whale

by me …

Taken moments after a Minke Whale said "hello" with a whoooosh from its spout