It is very strange that about 30 mins ago I was on my balcony overlooking the ocean and noticed that hundreds of people were standing on the rooftop of the Hilton. I took my binoculars out and realised that people up and down the coast were on their balconies and their rooftops. I found this perplexing and strange. “what kind of hotel conference is going on … why are they all taking a break on their rooftops?”

There is a strange quiet that has descended on the street below me. I went onto my Ipad to check messages and also to look at one of my ebooks. Occasionally I glance at CNN online as well. Imagine my surprise to see that there is a major tsunami warning up and down the Indian Ocean. It is affecting all of us. I have not heard any alarms or sirens, but considering what happened in Phuket years ago, everyone is taking this seriously. It appears from the televised news that all should be ok.

So interesting to see the rooftops of resorts and buildings along the coast in front of me full of people looking out at the vast expanse of sea and wondering … is something coming?