The tsunami hit Phuket hard many years ago, however the bounce back from those awful days has been incredible. There is a booming property market here that has seen luxury apartments and villas built all over the Island.

I decided to stay here for an extended period as there were so many options available to accommodate me. I also liked the idea that I could be minutes from a beach and still have access to all the amenities of home … most importantly a cinema and shopping centre. I can now live for a little while as an expat and get a feel for what my later years will hopefully be like.

There are thousands of expats living and working here and the supermarkets come stocked with all our treats and cravings. The drawback is cost when indulging on western foods that are flown in for our enjoyment. I stocked my fridge and and loaded up my pantry for a total cost of $180 US. We will see how often I will spend that much on groceries.

For $2000 US a month I have landed a stunning one bedroom apartment on the 5th floor of a luxury condo community. The place has a sweeping view of the ocean. I can actually see the ocean from my pillow when I wake in the morning which is pretty cool. Considering what luxury hotels can cost, what I am paying per month is a bargain.

The Hilton Arcadia is across the street from me so I have wondered around their stunning grounds as well. They have a cafe and sell pastries at a discount in the evening. So I have wondered over and bought a few croissants for my breakfast.

I was a little concerned when booking the apartment that I would not get what I paid for as I was operating on faith and just pictures off an internet site. I did call around to reputable agents and did my best to vet the company I would use for the rental. Faith and a bit of research along with some healthy instinct has truley paid off.

This is what $2000 per month can get you in Phuket Thailand …

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