I was here about 2004 and remember the beach looking a bit rough. there were many touts walking up and down and it was slightly annoying to be constantly accosted to buy things. that has changed completely. I have not been hassled once the entire time I have been on the beach so far.

Karon Beach is a few minutes away from my apartment and is considered one of the more exclusive and private of the beaches here. It is ver beuatiful and relaxing. the water is impossibly warm and the only drawback is that the waves can be a bit strong from time to time. Also the other day I watched the sun set while in the water and little fish emergen and began nibbling at me. It appears that the marine life comes out at night to play. One person shrieked in the dusk light when a crab gave her a kiss.

There are sharks here but I have been told that they are not very big. I am certain that size is not a great matter when it comes to sharks. A foot long shark will give me a heart attack regardless. especially if it decides to swim up to me a give me a toothy smile … No thank you.

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