Time is a strange thing. we spend so much of our lives worrying about it and even when we have too much of it we can worry when it will end. I have arrived in Phuket and settled into a one bedroom apartment overlooking the sea. As I write this entry, a massive lightening storm is flashing over the horizon. Yellow bolts are swirling in the black sky high above, as if someone is swinging a lit up yo-yo toy, round and around. Occasionally the most brilliant line of electric energy touches the horizon and lingers in view for almost a full second. These are powerful shocks of energy to be sure.

Today I realised that I have been on my sabbatical (career break, mini retirement … whatever) for about 8 months. I was concerned that I would get bored or overeat or just lose my mind at some point. Never. What happens when you switch off from work for a 6 – 12 month window? Rebirth.

Let me mention a few things that occur. Maybe if you are reading these words you’ll consider upping the whole lot of the rat race and leaving.

1) TV. It is no longer being watched at all. ocassional movies here and there. Practically no news on TV ever.

2) Words. Reading all kinds of interseting books. Yoga and meditation literature. Biographies and financial material about investing.

3) Creativity. I am writing. I have met some who are drawing.

4) Diet. You will not impulse buy all day long on food or snacks. You will be eating lighter as you are often on the beach, or just more aware of what you are eating. You also eat slower.

5) Sleep. the body will purge stress and allow new healthier sleep patterns to emerge. No stressed out wake up and rush to get to work or get on a conference call.

6) Grateful. Things take on a new perspective and there is gratitude for what you have and being given the opportunity to relax as much as you have.

8) Relationships. New friends emerge and even the relationshp with yourself changes. there is more love all around.

9) Busy. There is never a dull moment. Either you are reading, exercising, enjoying the environment, eating a long lunch, going for a walk, planning your future.

10) Smiling. there is more joy in your heart than you can remember as you let go of the past and work on being true to yourself again.

All of the above is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other intersting moments and nuances that happen each day while you rest the mind. It can be expensive to do this for some … I have met many people doing it on a budget with the same results.


The “return on investment” is incalculable. the investment is yourself. when the mind gets quieter from less background noise the road seems clearer and a spring is in your step as you walk down it.

Am I recommending you just leave your life for a while and cleanse? Yes.

Now more than ever we all need to find quiet even for a little while. We do not have to destroy marriages or families to do this either. I am speaking of time. And how limited it actually is.

Most importantly … the moments we live flash by us like a bolt of lightening in a dark night over the sea.