There are many different Islands in Thailand. The recommendation, in the travel circuit, is Koh Lanta will take your breath away. What is interesting is the water in this area is the exact same in colour, clarity and even taste (when it touches the lips) as the Maldives.

Koh Rok very near Koh Lanta

Considering the resorts on the Maldives can run upwards of $1000 US a night, and I am paying $100 a night, one can see a real benefit of being here. I also found a place called Nui beach which rivals Waimea Bay in Hawaii. The beach in front of my resort is so stunning in its blue colour. It reminds me of the picture post cards you see in travel agents brochures.

Nui Beach Koh Lanta

What makes this paradise almost too good to be true is the duck curry or Thai green curry with chicken while you sit and watch the sun set.

This morning I met an Australian lady who asked me to join her for breakfast as she was also travelling alone. Amazing how two people can click in seconds. within 15 mins we were laughing at our crazy journeys and the people we have encountered so far. Especially the weird people … usually russians.

Sadly she was off in the few hours after breakfast to another island. So our encounter in the morning sun by the ocean lasted about an hour and contained  giggles that will last long after.