This is Koh Poda today …

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There are many tiny islands a few short minutes away from the Krabi province. I am based at Aonang beach and today took a long boat to Koh Poda. I spent approximately 4 hours in the baking sun. It is interesting that when you are relaxed and at peace your mind can wonder and difficulties in the past can surface. I am working through quite a bit of history at the moment. It would appear that it is human nature to not let go of past hurts even when in paradise. But in places like these those hurts can resurface … fortunately … only for a short while as the mind clears them and then moves on to positive things.

I performed a meditation in my room this evening for an hour and followed that with some simple breathing exercises. I have started to lose considerable weight simply because I am eating healthy asian food. I am becoming stronger physically by swimming in the ocean almost everyday. I am further at peace on the whole as I have stopped watching the news and limit my exposure to world events on the Internet.

Simple choices can make such a massive difference. Willing to change and grow can make a person infinitely stronger.

The old saying goes … “you cannot change a leopards’s spots”. Well … I am changing and I believe it will be a change process and growth process that will last a lifetime. It is true that a leopard cannot change its spots. However we are Human and don’t have spots, so that phrase actually does not apply to be frank. Perhaps in the past people who were desperately against changing came up with that phrase so they could feel better about there stubborn ways and not even try to change.