View of Bangkok from the Vertigo roof bar at Banyan tree

I love the bright lights especially after being in a frangipani retreat in Hoi An for a month. The city takes my breath away and the people are so warm. I spent the day in the sun by the pool, then off to the malls and onwards to a luxury cinema where for $20 you get a private lounge … access to a cinema spa area, and a free glass of wine and nibbles. the cinema itself had recliner leather seat. shame the movie “John Carter” was so completely crap.

I ended up at the rooftop bar at the Banyan Tree hotel where I met two English lads that looked like they were straight out of the movie “Sexy Beast”. They were tough guys and adorned in jewels and had rough strong British accents. We struck up a conversation at the bar and shared stories of travels. They were great company and after downing quite a few cocktails I was shown a little movie on an iphone of an encounter they had with a “female friend”. Guess anything goes in the high end bars of Bangkok. I could not contain the tears of laughter at the situation and what I was seeing and hearing. I tried to get the volume down and cover the screen but I am so worried that another guest heard the video. I only watched a few seconds by the way … eh um.

The food court at the Paragon Shopping centre is what I would envisage a food court in heaven to look like … pics below.

What a day.

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