About 4 months ago “The Hyatt” opened near Danang and the executive chef became good friends with Michelle who owns the Dingo Diner in Hoi An with her husband. Michelle and I have become the best of friends while I have been here. Her energy is very pure and giving. Her two kids are adorable and it has been fantastic to meet up with her almost everyday for a coffee. We decided to hit the road and see Denang and on the way dropped by to see the Hyatt and get a feel for what was created. The property was absolutely stunning and a testament to the kind of investment in tourism Vietnam is planning. I am witnessing the birth of a major getaway in the making, just as Phuket and parts of Thailand were 25 years ago. Best to get here and enjoy it before it all changes completely I think.

We ended up staying as guests of the executive chef who surprised us with a private tour of the grounds. The food was absolutely stellar and “michelin star” quality.

Slideshow of the new 5 star Hyatt Denang.

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