Old Town Japanese Bridge

Once a month there is a full moon festival where the old town of Hoi An switches off all the street lights and replaces them with lanterns and candles. The ancient town takes on a completely different vibe and atmosphere. The above image is of the Japanese bridge in the old quarter that was built around 1600. The designer and builders are anonymous. Below and to the right, were floating lanterns where we made wishes or blessings.

Recently I learned of someone I knew, that was very popular in England, that took his own life. I found this news extraordinary and quite shocking. It was a poinant moment considering I learned of his death the day after my last blog entry … he was 31 years old. I lit a candle and floated it down the river in his memory. He had visited Vietnam once before so I believe many happy memories of this place were with him and possibly a part of him is still here.

Full moon

I took the above picture at the entrance to the Chinese bridge. There was an eerie feeling as music was being played around town that had a distinct Cantonese sound about it. I believe the Chinese have had an enormous impact on the ancient history of Vietnam.

Hotels and shops could be seen in dim light and I could not help but question what century I was in.

I have made a point of buying some lanterns for my new home in the coming year. They are a bargain at $4 US a piece.

Cocktails at the ready ...

Entrance to the Bar

A fantastic passionfruit martini costs about $5 US. The drinks are of course prepared with fresh fruit juices. I have spent a few nights here making new friends and being lost in a movie. What unbelievable atmosphere.