Life’s journey can be rocky and have plenty of twists and turns but in the end its the quality of the journey that matters and not the quantity. For some the quality can be great yoga integrated into their lives or religion or a hobby that brings a smile to the face. For some of us its travelling and meeting new people or experiencing a sunset with an amazing glass of wine. There are plenty of ways to view the concept of quality in ones life.

It certainly does not mean that we must all have perfect happy moments 24/7 because that is not realistic. I think it means that each moment in our lives has value even the mundane things and should be cherished and learned from.

This came up in conversation when I spoke to a new fabulous friend, Gordon, who owns a gourmet deli “The Dingo Diner” in Hoi An. He spoke of how the expat community came together to pay for the funeral of one his staff members. A few months ago she was killed in a motorbike accident and was only 22 years old. It was a big night out and at 3:00am her boyfriend drove around a corner and into a wall. She died instantly and he died several hours later. I also heard of an expat who was 40 years old and passed away in a separate accident.

In a gloriously sunny afternoon on the veranda of his restaurant we spoke of life’s crazy addictions and the pressure we all face to be like a movie star … or a reality star for those that are much younger. We spoke of how there is so much hypocrisy in the world and the socialism that exists in Canada, Australia and England. Corruption in the western world that is hidden by a word called “legislation” but still only lines the pockets of a few of the elite. I saw butterflies glide past our table and the occasional sound of a child’s shreak of joy at a nearby playground. there was perfection in this afternoon moment with a new friend and yes … real quality.

I have started writing a list of my life’s accomplishments to bring out when I feel a little low. I am writing this list with even the tiniest thing¬†that I have acheived and already I see so much that makes me feel there has been quality in my life. Interesting that I have not written “I made this much money here or there”. The word money actually has not entered the list at all when describing an accomplishment. Money helped things happen, don’t get me wrong, but the money was always a by product of the fun I had.

I mentioned in an earlier blog post (Dec 9th – 38000ft and full moon out the window) how an old friend “Dutchie” once told me that we were the richest men in the world while we sat in the outback of Australia drinking cold beers by a small swimming pool. We were backpacking OZ and did not have masses of wealth by any means. When I look back I cannot help but to think … that moment’s quality will last me my lifetime.

Preparing Breakfast - Outback Australia 1998