Below is a compilation of my favourite pictures of this ancient town. I have learned that this place is UNESCO listed and also tightly managed to ensure that the historic buildings are not destroyed. Most of the time the whole core of old town is with bike access only. No cars or motorbikes! I have just been spending my days roaming around on a bike. The food has been spectacular. I will write about that later, as the culinary gifts of this place deserve special mention.

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The old wood really stands out along with the mould on the walls from the earlier rainy season. I took these pictures yesterday while walking around the cafes and shops. The tailors here are very good and a decent made to measure shirt costs around $15 US dollars. I discovered a made to measure shoe shop as well. Tourists come in waves and there is a fear that the future masses of people to this tiny place will be unsustainable.

One owner of a great cafe told me that many of the people in Hoi An are from around the world setting up businesses. Denang which is about 20mins away by car has a new decent International Airport and loads of Japanese businesses in IT. Rumour has it that this whole area will be as big as Hanoi eventually. Lets hope not. It does give us all an incentive to visit this place as often as we can before it is possibly ruined.